Committed to Marketing

Our commitment to marketing has been refined with 30 years in the business. A variety of resources, tools and media outlets is essential to reaching your buyer. Recent studies in the industry identify that buyers find their properties in a variety of ways based on their demographic. At Chris Laib and Associates, we invest in a broad spectrum of communication methods to increase the likelihood your property is seen. 

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"Chris and his team marketed my house, for a lack of a better way of saying it, with a literally blitz krieg of marketing. I loved that he has been around for a long time, his acumen, yet he surrounds himself newer younger agents who are social media savvy. I found the combination to be particularly powerful in selling my home" - Suzanne, Los Feliz

“Our proven successful marketing strategy is just one more of the Profits of Experience you receive with Chris Laib and Associates.” - Marilyn, Los Feliz


We Market Every Property Differently

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As each property is unique and special, pairing it with the correct buyer in this cluttered marketplace is the key to selling your home quickly at the highest price. We MUST make YOUR house stand out. We do not have a templated platform of materials. Rather, our advertising and marketing method is custom tailored to YOUR home. This is a completely unique strategy and is permissible only at Keller Willams. All materials for will be custom created after our initial consultation. After all, did we mention, YOUR home MUST stand out.


“I have used Chris Laib exclusively since 1995. In that period I have bought and sold 4 homes and 7 investment properties all around Los Angeles. His complete business approach and knowledge of real estate law and diligent careful manner has made me a lot of money!” - - Judith, Hollywood Hills

"Chris and his team helped me sell my longtime home in Studio City.  This home’s equity represented a portion of my retirement nest egg and to say that I was very careful in choosing my Realtor, is an understatement.  From their help in prepping my home, to their tenacious and diligent marketing and negotiating, my home set the all time high price per square foot for my neighborhood.  It was a pleasant experience and they made sure it was as low impact as possible on me and my family. I highly recommend Chris for his professionalism, smarts and real estate acumen!"
Bonnie W, Rhodes Avenue, Studio City


The Big Bang Approach

It is imperative that we launch your property with a full-out assault across the variety of media available: The first weeks of your property’s introduction to the marketplace are critical and we expend considerable skill and resources with the intent to capture your buyer quickly. We provide you a written marketing plan that delineates and outlines our marketing campaign. Click on teaser video sent to 1500 realtors prior to the launch of this property...


"What sets Chris Laib apart from many other real estate brokers is his honesty, professionalism and integrity.  These traits were vital for a high-end and complicated home purchase and subsequent sale that he handled for me.  I am grateful to Chris for managing many details and interactions that resulted in a successful real estate transaction with a favorable financial return.  It was a pleasure working with Chris and I recommend him highly."
Linda D


"I have bought and sold three houses with Chris Laib.  I would never use another realtor.  He is smart, savvy and extraordinarily capable.  During each transaction, Chris was by my side.  He never let me worry about a thing; Chris told me that was his job!"
Marta A


"Chris and his team found me my dream house. They guided me through an extremely challenging escrow exemplifying complete professionalism and expertise throughout the entire process. I would gladly work with Chris and his team again in my future residential real estate endeavors."
Matthew K


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